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Lean Manufacturing

At Kaufman Mfg. Co., we embrace the practice of continuous improvement. Our ongoing quest to enhance each manufacturing system and process is driven by the dedication, commitment, and involvement of each individual at Kaufman Mfg. Co.

How do we tie lean concepts and techniques together to fit into your manufacturing environment?

We start with a method called “Value-Stream Mapping” that shows your managers, engineers, quality control, production and maintenance personnel the meaning of value, and how to differentiate between value and waste. The value-stream map permits us to identify three flows of your manufacturing process: flow of material, information, and people / processes.

With this information we design not just lean manufacturing machinery, but manufacturing systems that eliminate waste in such areas as:

Manufacturing Process

  • Reduced Part Handling
  • Standardized Operating Procedures
  • Reduced Inventory
  • Reduction in the need for Specialized Tooling
  • Establishment of an Integrated Tach Time (Synchronizing Cycle Time)
  • Elimination of Wait Time Between Operations

Quick Changeover

  • Manufacturing Flexibility
  • Changeover / Set-up Reductions

Quality Control

  • Simplify and Reduce the Inspection Process
  • Quality at the Source, Six-Sigma Capability
  • Eliminate No Value-added Processing
  • Integrated Poka Yoke (Mistake Proofing)
  • Scrap Reduction

Plant Layout

  • Machine Footprint

Total Productive Maintenance

  • Limited Maintenance Required
  • Reduced Visual Checks


  • Maximize Employee Potential
  • Reduce Indirect Labor

Cost Justifications

  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • Low Cost, No Cost and Capital
  • Value Added
  • Reduced Production Costs
  • Cost per Part Reductions

This is a condensed list of lean elements. We hope it will illustrate our commitment to working with you, to design and develop a Lean Manufacturing system that fits your needs and requirements.

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