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Drill Tapping Machine

Pipe Couplings

  • Pipe Couplings produced on Drilling Tapping MachineMulti-station rotary transfer reaming and drill tapping machine
  • Controlled by 8-axis PC-Based CNC system

Six station drill tapping machine processes ½” though 2” couplings from tubing, including auto load with dual tubing feeder and cut-off saw; ream, face and chamfer; and tap.

Drilling Tapping Machine

Pipe Fittings produced on a Drilling Tapping MachinePipe Fittings

  • Multi-station rotary transfer drill tapping machine
  • Controlled by CNC and enhanced diagnostic system

Union nuts, couplings and high-pressure welded fittings are machined in sizes ranging from 1/2”-14 NPT and 3-1/2” – 10 NPT at rates up to 1,350 parts per hour on the 1/2” fittings.

Tapping Machine

Pipe fittings produced by a Ford Meter BoxThis Kaufman CNC Model KMC-1124 Reaming and Single Point Threading Machine includes eight two-jaw self-centering chuck assemblies positioned on four locations around the dial plate. Each of the three machining units featured dual heavy duty block type boring spindles mounted to independent rectangular hardened way-type slide assemblies and vertical columns. The machine processed a variety of cast Brass valve components in cycle times ranging from 12 to 14 seconds at two parts per cycle. The machine performed precision boring and single point threading operations utilizing CNC Drawbar actuated feed out heads. The machine featured Kaufman’s PC based CNC system controlling both Hydraulic Servo and ballscrew type units.

Ford Meter Box machine



This Kaufman Model 10ER-24B CNC Filter Plate Tapping Machine includes sixteen interchangeable part nests located in four stations around the dial plate. The machine is equipped with two working stations comprised of a 10ER-2 Tapping Head with a 4 position multiple spindle head assembly, and a four spindle wire brush station to remove burrs from the threads. Parts are automatically loaded into the machine from a bulk type centrifugal feeder with elevator type hopper into a vibratory feed track and escapement assembly. A CNC controlled pick and place unit transfers four parts simultaneously into the part nests and they are automatically ejected into bulk containers upon completion of machining operations. The machine produces over 2300 filter plates per hour.


Pipe Fittings produced on a Drilling Tapping MachineRoof Mining Bolts

  • Four station rotary transfer drilling and tapping machine with auto part ejection at the unload station.
  • Controlled by Kaufman CNC Control with enhanced diagnostic system.
  • Automatic part ejection at the unload station.

This Kaufman Model KMC 124B CNC Transfer Machine has the capacity to drill and tap eight parts per cycle in sizes ranging from 5/8-11 to 7/8-9. The machine produces Malleable and Ductile Iron Roof Mining Bolts at an hourly rate of up to 3429 parts per hour or 27431 parts per eight hour shift. The machine features quick change tooling and four Kaufman designed eight part master tooling plates which allow the operator to exchange eight nests simultaneously by  removing 2 screws and lifting out the plate and placing the new plate with nests into the machine. Complete changeover of the machine is completed in 35 minutes or less.



Pipe Fittings produced on a Drilling Tapping MachineElectrical Fittings

  • Four station rotary transfer reaming and threading machine with palletized inbound conveyor , pick and place loader, and automatic part ejection at the unload station.
  • Controlled by Kaufman CNC Control with enhanced diagnostic system

This Kaufman Model 10ER-11224 CNC Combination ID/OD Reaming and Threading Machine processes 3/8" to 2" NPT 90 degree Liquid Tight Cast Iron Elbows in a two part per cycle arrangement. The machine produces 562 Malleable Iron 1" elbows per hour or 4496 parts per eight hour shift. The machine features quick change spindle and parts tooling, a programmable pick and place loader assembly, and is changed over completely in less than 40 minutes.




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