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Rebuilding / Retooling

Why buy new equipment when you can rebuild or retool the equipment you own now? Kaufman Mfg. Company may be your cost savings solution. We rebuild Kaufman machines and machines from other manufacturers.

A rebuild can be as simple as replacing seals and o-rings in a single head to a complex job that restores a machine to like new condition.

The machine pictured below was originally built in 1975.

What we restored/rebuilt/replaced:

  • New gears, bearings and seals in the machining heads
  • New electrical panel with PLC control
  • New Hydraulic system
  • Complete rebuilding of the chucking fixtures

As with our all the new machines Kaufman Mfg builds, this rebuild was put through a complete part run-off with the customers on-site. Our rebuilds have a limited warranty.

Benefits of rebuilding/retooling:

  • Rebuilt machines are typically 1/3 to the cost of new machines
  • Lead times are significantly reduced (based on the complexity of the project)

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