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Rotary Transfer Machine Manufacturer

Eighty years of experience in manufacturing high quality, reliable, and robustly designed machine tools positions KAUFMAN MFG. CO. as a technology leader in custom built, high production machining systems. With hundreds of machines operating in the field today, some of them producing parts for over 30 years, KAUFMAN can be relied on to design and build the most reliable money making solution for your production requirements.

Our fully integrated operation will manage your machine built project from it's inception in our sales department, to it's design in engineering, and ultimately it's manufacture through our extensive machining facility and assembly floor. AFter your machine is shipped, our service department is available to support you with a guaranteed 24-hour or better response time. In addition, all of our machines are equipped with either an Ethernet connection, modem, or direct connection to our in house VPN (Virtual Private Network) for real time diagnostics of KAUFMAN machine tools from our in-house electrical engineering staff.

Building rotary transfer multi-station machining centers for metal-cutting industries worldwide.
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