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Vertical Axis Transfer

Vertical Axis Transfer MachineThis Gozio Model GS 18-G3/G5-C-10 Vertical Axis Transfer Machine produced a family of Brass Water Meter Housings and similar parts. This type of machine incorporates what is referred to as a “hanging drum type turret” which is mounted to the top of the machine frame. The turret uses a three-piece Hirth type coupling arrangement, which allows for uncoupling, rotation, positioning, and clamping, without any axial movement. This design provides a very robust, accurate, and rapid index for the work holding chucks. Other advantages to this system include unobstructed chip evacuation to the centralized chip system under the turret. Complete access to the chucks, machining units, and cutting tools is provided from the access windows located around the machine frame. Machining units are able to address the workpiece from the vertical down, vertical up, and horizontal axes. This machine, which is one of several provided to this customer featured 18 spindles, a 10-station turret, and a Fanuc control, motors, and drives.

Vertical Axis Transfer Machine

This Gozio Model GS 16-G3-C-8 CNC Vertical Axis Transfer Machine features 16 working units and an 8-station turret with self-centering two jaw chucks. It is designed for the complete machining of special valve bodies, which require machining on up to 5 coplanar axes. Three of the six horizontal units are positioned and clamped from a 0° to 45° angle via CNC control. This feature allows for the machining of different valve bodies with either in line or inclined ports. Two of the vertical units utilize CNC operated cross-slides for performing thread milling and profile milling as well as other single point boring operations. Other operations performed on this machine include single point threading, recessing/facing, by use of a CNC cross feed head, and broaching.

Vertical Axis Transfer Machine

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